Growth and Retention – What does this mean IIE TC?

There is no shortage of professional development and networking opportunities out there to entice your participation, especially as social media continues to increase the ability to market something new. When working to retain and grow membership and participation, this is just one challenge that IIE Chapters face. You may ask, “What’s an organization to do?!”

IIE Twin Cities strives to offer a wide range of activities so as to bring a little something to everyone (or even to a little of everything to only one!).  Our strategic plan defines eight as the minimum number of “diverse value-driven events”. Some of these events are recurring favorites: Bean Bag Tournament / BBQ, November Student networking and December social. Others are a result of the networking that occurs in our daily lives as Industrial Engineers or the very events that we host.  New Board members often bring new tour options.  A board member may meet another professional whose endeavors overlap or influence us as IE’s (ergonomics research, quality program deployment or traffic engineering) and then arrange to have them speak. Participants at an IIE Twin Cities event often suggest or request a specific topic or tour or even offer to host IIE at his/her own employer.

IIE Twin Cities also strives to support and be involved with other professional organizations.  Society of Women Engineers (SWE), American Society of Quality (ASQ) and Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) are some of the groups that we have collaborated with in recent years. As Industrial Engineers we often touch every part of the process and these connections can be invaluable. This may also spark an interest in IIE amongst a new audience…you don’t have to be an IE to benefit from the methodologies and experience!

The more opportunities we have to look good, the more likely we are to draw an audience. Therefore, in recent years, IIE Twin Cities Board of Directors has worked to better utilize media options (social and otherwise). For example:

  • Newsletter Director, Jenna Weiland, helped the Board of Directors to make this newsletter valuable, informative and “easy on the eyes.”
  • Social Media Director, Britta Rowen, initiated a blog on the National website to share some of our activities.
  • Members have helped to make LinkedIn a source for local discussion, job opportunities and networking in general.
  • The IIE Twin Cities website was updated in recent years and our webmaster can now more easily adapt and update appearance and content.
  • Board Members annually travelling to the Regional Student Conference and a specific roll has been established for Student Outreach. Nate Andrican will continue to grow this aspect of our Chapter in 2015.
  • Finally, every event should be something to talk about because, as they say, word of mouth is the best advertising!

Want to know more ??

– Talk to a board member at the next event

– Email us at

– Find us LinkedIn (IIE Twin Cities)

– Explore at



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