Iowa State Updates

Iowa State University’s IIE chapter continually allures members and students to engage in activities and presentations relating to industrial engineering.  From on-site visits with companies to giving undergrads the chance to listen to professors talk about their research, the opportunities to learn about industrial engineering outside of the classroom are endless.

Every fall at Iowa State University, there is a freshman faculty dinner held for newly admitted industrial engineering students. This event incorporates networking with faculty and IIE members as well as applying/learning industrial engineering concepts through a collaborative game. Past games have been assembling pizzas, paper plane competition, and a marble race. Each of these games have been played with the help of a faculty member and an IIE member. The pizza and paper plane games outline the inefficiencies of a production line and the marble race encouraged creative thinking and designing. The best part about the dinner is how in to it the faculty get. They are competitive against each other and will do anything to win. It has been a great way to show the freshmen they can relate to their professors and when the time comes go to them for help.

A large part of Iowa State University’s IIE chapter’s focus is creating relationships with professors by inviting them to present at the monthly IIE meetings.  These events allow members to see what the professors do beyond the classroom, as well as what potential areas or projects they could get involved with in academia or industry. Throughout the semester, there have been presentations on the growing need for IE’s in sustainability as well as human factors relating to virtual reality, robots, and aviation.

Another focus is exposing members to opportunities within industry. A few companies that have visited throughout the year include P&G, Pepsi, Frito Lay, and UnityPoint Health. These networking events have not only helped students understand how industrial engineers would contribute to their companies, but have given members a better understanding of what professionals look for in students.

Being a member of Iowa State University’s IIE chapter is a commitment to continuous learning that often cannot be taught in the classroom.


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