UIC Institute of Industrial Engineers Chapter 895

Passing the torch seems to be a common theme in industry, as well as within our organizations.  A new school year has begun, and it is our duty to maintain the momentum and accomplishments from previous years; this is not always an easy task.  As all ISEs are taught to continuously improve the systems in which we are integrated, we must strive for excellence in passing the torch to future generations within our Chapters.

Over the past few years, IIE at UIC has been holding Lean and Six Sigma Green Belt Certifications through the Greater Institute of Industrial Engineers and in doing so has thus far proven to be fruitful.  Mechanical and Industrial Engineers from all levels of education at UIC have become Lean and Six Sigma certified through willingness to learn and improve themselves, as well as our due diligence as a chapter in continuing to facilitate and advertise the value of the courses.  If you have not hosted a Lean or Six Sigma Certification through IIE at your school, feel free to ask us how we make it happen!

Throughout the world, the need for Data Analytics is in heavy demand. Last year, we held four workshops revolving around Excel and R Programming.  This year we plan to double the amount of workshops and also include Python and SQL. In Chicago, the majority of ISE jobs tend to revolve around Data Analysis, Financial Engineering, and Operations Research; the necessity for programming skills and critical thinking is real!

Keep in touch with us at IIEUIC@gmail.com, on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/IIEUIC, and visit our website at http://uic.orgsync.com/org/iie/ .


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