NDSU Institute of Industrial Engineers Chapter

IIE is not just an engineering organization, but it is truly a close knit group where long term friendships have been made. Through our monthly meetings, trips, workshops, and social events we have gained a better and broader knowledge of industrial engineering and have become a closer group as well. Our group strives to get younger classmates involved in the IIE activities so they can see what their degree can turn into in the future. We meet with the younger classmates and prospective students as well to share our experience and what we have gained from our major and the IIE chapter.

IIE has been a great way to network with companies. Some of the activities that are very important to our group to broaden the knowledge of industrial engineering and network is having monthly meetings. At these meetings, we usually have different industries come in and speak about the work they do and how it is related to industrial engineering. We try to have industries related to healthcare, management, and manufacturing come in so everyone can see the different areas their major can apply to. At other meetings, we have our very own professors share the research they have done or currently are working on. We also gain knowledge of industrial engineering by going on our annual Twin Cities Fall trip. With this, we have toured a variety of companies in the Twin Cities area as a group. Another trip we go on is the annual IIE Spring Conference. We enjoy this very much because it is great to meet other chapters and see their campus. Not only do these trips help us network, but we offer classes such as Lean training workshops and Six Sigma Green Belt training. These workshops are such good tools for industrial engineering and our future careers.

IIE has not only been a great way to learn and network, but also a fun group to grow friendships. In the fall, we start off the year with a picnic outside of our IME building to socialize and celebrate the beginning of a new year. It is a fun time to grill and enjoy the last summer days in North Dakota. Some more social events we have done in the past was our 80’s themed event at Skateland and golf outing.

For these reasons, we try to get younger classmates involved so they can enjoy and learn more about industrial engineering right away in their college career.


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