University of Wisconsin-Platteville IIE Chapter

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville IIE chapter is dedicated to providing three primary opportunities for members: networking, social events, and career development. The executive board has planned effective programs to accomplish these goals over the past three years.

At each chapter meeting, time is scheduled for members to interact with each other to enable them to more easily make connections outside the classroom with students of different levels of experience than their own. Younger members commonly seek older members as mentors for academic and career advice.

Recently, the executive board has implemented game nights with interactive games at chapter meetings, and coordinated intramural teams for the chapter. Game nights happen as frequently as biweekly and attract many members to socialize over a game of Settlers of Catan or Risk. Friendly competition promotes successful group interaction along with exercise as the teams compete successfully in intramural events.

As a professional organization, the chapter works hard to provide career development opportunities. The chapter has arranged industry tours at UW Health in Madison, WI, 3M in Prairie Du Chien, WI, and Cabela’s Distribution Center in Prairie Du Chien, WI. At chapter meetings industry speakers from Sub Zero-Wolf, the Academic and Career Advising Center on campus, and the Campus Planner have discussed applications of Industrial Engineering in a variety of industries which aligns directly with UW-Platteville’s hands-on curriculum focus. As advisor, Dr. Jinkins has been amazed at the progress and growth of the chapter in the past 3 years.  “The professionalism of the officers combined with their dedication to recruiting new members and getting younger members actively involved earlier in their college careers makes a real difference in the organization.  The leader’s enthusiasm and engagement works to further promote the organization and the life-long learning opportunities that a professional organization like IIE provides.”


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