About IISE North Central

Mission Statement: To provide leadership in developing and representing the industrial engineering profession and in enhancing the capabilities of those who are involved in or manage the application, education, training, research or development of industrial engineering.

Vision: IISE North Central Region will be recognized as the premier membership organization for the industrial engineering profession within the states of Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Our regional leadership team will collaborate with local chapter leaders to provide value, serve our regional members and exceed their expectations and requirements.

Regional Leadership Team

The major responsibility of the region leaders is to support the professional and student chapters.They also have responsibility to keep IISE headquarters, in particular the CN (chapter networking) staff, and the senior vice president (SVP) of CN up-to-date with chapter activities.

RVP (Regional Vice President):

Tarun Mohan Lal

Tarun Mohan Lal is a Health Systems Engineering Analyst at Mayo Clinic. Tarun joined Mayo Clinic in 2010 and has worked on multiple projects in the areas of process improvement, capacity planning, IT systems implementation, scheduling and was also involved in developing business plans and strategy for initiatives with significant financial impact. Prior to joining Mayo Clinic, Tarun has worked for the manufacturing sector and ERP consulting companies.  He has also authored many book chapters and journal papers on application of industrial engineering in healthcare. Tarun has been an active member of IISE and INFORMS for several years. He was recently selected to Co-Chair the 2014 IIE Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference, and was also elected as the Treasurer for INFORMS Analytics Section. Tarun has a B.S in Industrial Engineering from the Manipal University, India, M.S in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University and is pursuing his PhD in Health Systems Engineering from State University of New York.


ARVP (Assistant Regional Vice President):

Thomas Roh

Thomas Roh is a health systems engineer at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Prior to joining the Mayo Clinic, he worked for Becton-Dickinson and Emory Healthcare. He has experience in operations research, simulation, regression, process and quality improvement, scheduling, process flow, and data mining. Thomas has been active in IISE for several years. He is the incoming co-chair for the Healthcare Systems Process Improvement 2015 and also serves as the Education Committee Chair for the Society of Health Systems.

AVPSD (Assistant Vice President Student Development): 

Eric Situmbeko

Eric Situmbeko is a  production manager with Unison Comfort Technologies in Minneapolis, MN. Eric joined Unison Comfort Technologies in 2013 and has worked on strategic projects in the areas of manufacturing capacity expansion, lean implementation and safety improvements. Prior to joining Unison, he worked for Andersen Windows in various engineering positions. Eric has been an active member of IISE and is a past president of the Twin Cities IISE Chapter 38.


Nathan Crabel

Nathan Crabel is an experienced consultant with West Monroe Partners’ Workforce Optimization practice. He has been engaged on multiple process improvement initiatives with clients in the retail and financial services industries.  He has applied a variety of industrial engineering tools and concepts including lean thinking, data collection and analysis, work measurement, employee interviews, current state process mapping and analysis, and future state processing mapping.  Nathan joined West Monroe Partners in 2013 after graduating from Bradley University with his degree in Industrial Engineering.  He gained two plus years of intern experience in manufacturing and completed two semesters of on-site class projects, one in healthcare and one in manufacturing.  The highlights from his multiple internships and class projects included Lean methods, Six Sigma, process mapping, simulation, standard operating procedures, and continuous improvement

Young Professional Representatives: Nathan Crabel & Diane Kargol

Diane Kargol 

Diane Kargol is an Engineer at FedEx Ground located in Milwaukee, WI. Diane joined FedEx Ground in 2011 where she has worked in multiple engineering roles working on strategic projects for both pick-up and delivery for FedEx Ground along with operations. During this time, Diane has gained experience applying industrial engineering principles to introduce new process improvements along with rolling out new IT systems. Diane is an active member in IISE and currently serves as on the industry advisory board for the IISE Milwaukee Chapter. Prior to joining IISE Milwaukee, Diane earned a BS in Industrial and Operations at the University of Michigan and was very active in IISE where she served as Vice President of Company Relations.

Website Director:

Kim Listermann 

Kim is currently an engineering manager for FedEx Ground in Milwaukee, WI.  She joined the company in 2009 working in various engineering roles including field operations and strategic initiatives.  She is an active member in the IISE Milwaukee local chapter and is currently the president.  Before that she graduated with her BS in Industrial Engineering from Clemson University in Clemson, SC.  Kim was also an active member of her university’s IISE chapter and during her time there planned and hosted the student regional conference.


Both the ARVP and the AVPSD positions are appointed by the RVP. All regional leaders will serve a two year term. Members of the RLT are not restricted from serving a leadership role in their local chapter; however, any anticipated conflicts should be reviewed with the RVP, SVP and VPSD, as appropriate.


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