2017 Regional Student Conference

The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) hosted the regional student conference from Feb 23rd-25th.  Thank you to the IISE student chapter at UIC for your hard work to plan and execute the conference.  Visit the conference website to view photos of the activities!


Milwaukee Chapter 45 – 2015 Recap

The 2015 Milwaukee Chapter 45 year is behind us now and I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some of the great things we were able accomplish this year thanks to the hard work and dedication of our entire chapter advisory board.

Let me begin by saying that we had have very big shoes to fill this year following last year’s record setting chapter successes that resulted in two IIE Chapter Recognition Awards:  Silver Award in the newsletter competition and the Most Improved Chapter award.

Here are some 2015 chapter strategic plan highlights:

  • Provide improved services to our members through student support, networking event/communication opportunities and community service.
  • Increase IIE meeting attendance through event topic enhancements, new member welcome packages, more electronic communication venues and leveraging other local professional societies.
  • Increase 2015 IIE membership by 15% by more aggressively pursuing new college graduates and large company IE departments.
  • Meet and/or exceed the IIE national requirements for senior chapters and become a benchmark for other chapters.
  • Exceed last year’s IIE Professional Chapter CAR score of 56.

Here are some 2015 chapter event highlights:

  • Engineer’s Week Student Networking Night in February at Ale House.
  • IIE Regional Conference in March at MSOE.
  • Student Night in April at UWM.
  • Local professional chapter collaboration and networking meeting with presidents from AME (Optima), SME, APICS and ASQ in April.
  • IE North Central Region Professional Chapter Leadership Quarterly Touchpoint Meeting in April with the Regional VP.
  • InSinkErator tour in August in Racine.
  • Added more features to our newsletter such as other local professional society events and potential job opportunities.
  • Created new member welcome package.
  • FedEx Express tour in October in Milwaukee.
  • Student Networking Night in October.
  • Received Gold Award in newsletter competition.

Here are some initiatives that did not get our full attention this year but that we hope to carry forward into the coming year:

  • Collaborate with local student chapters and young professionals just entering the industrial engineering field to better support and mentor them.
  • Engage colleges and high schools to help spread interest in IE and in engineering.
  • Develop fund-raising activities such as seminars or certifications.

Our outstanding advisory team is dedicated to building a chapter that serves the needs and wants of our local IE professionals and community.  My hope is that though continued improvement efforts and member engagement we will keep making incremental strides each year to provide more value to those around us.

Scot Siebers – Milwaukee Chapter 45 – 2015 President

University of Wisconsin-Platteville IIE Chapter

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville IIE chapter is dedicated to providing three primary opportunities for members: networking, social events, and career development. The executive board has planned effective programs to accomplish these goals over the past three years.

At each chapter meeting, time is scheduled for members to interact with each other to enable them to more easily make connections outside the classroom with students of different levels of experience than their own. Younger members commonly seek older members as mentors for academic and career advice.

Recently, the executive board has implemented game nights with interactive games at chapter meetings, and coordinated intramural teams for the chapter. Game nights happen as frequently as biweekly and attract many members to socialize over a game of Settlers of Catan or Risk. Friendly competition promotes successful group interaction along with exercise as the teams compete successfully in intramural events.

As a professional organization, the chapter works hard to provide career development opportunities. The chapter has arranged industry tours at UW Health in Madison, WI, 3M in Prairie Du Chien, WI, and Cabela’s Distribution Center in Prairie Du Chien, WI. At chapter meetings industry speakers from Sub Zero-Wolf, the Academic and Career Advising Center on campus, and the Campus Planner have discussed applications of Industrial Engineering in a variety of industries which aligns directly with UW-Platteville’s hands-on curriculum focus. As advisor, Dr. Jinkins has been amazed at the progress and growth of the chapter in the past 3 years.  “The professionalism of the officers combined with their dedication to recruiting new members and getting younger members actively involved earlier in their college careers makes a real difference in the organization.  The leader’s enthusiasm and engagement works to further promote the organization and the life-long learning opportunities that a professional organization like IIE provides.”

IIE Honors & Awards Nominations are due in less than a month!

Nominations are due Dec. 1, 2015.

Educator Awards

Albert G. Holzman Distinguished Educator Award
Outstanding educators who have contributed to industrial engineering.

Innovations in Curriculum Competition
Outstanding innovation in the design or presentation of an accredited IE, ISE, IEOR, or similar engineering curriculum.

Hamed K. Eldin Outstanding Early Career IE in Academia Award
Individuals in academia who have shown outstanding characteristics.

Leadership Awards

Boeing Excellence Award for Collaboration in Productivity, Workplace Safety and Ergonomics
Strategy and policy deployment that is the context of work in the area of productivity, safety and ergonomics.

Captains of Industry Award
Business or government leaders who successfully used industrial engineering in the workplace.

Fellow Award
Leaders who have made significant, nationally recognized contributions to industrial engineering.

Frank and Lillian Gilbreth Industrial Engineering Award
Individuals who distinguished themselves through contributions to mankind.

George L. Smith International Award for Excellence in Promotion of Industrial Engineering
Individual who has made significant and long-standing contribution to the profession and exemplifies role model behavior as “goodwill ambassador.”

Outstanding Middle Career IE Leadership Award for Business/Industry
Individuals working in industry who have excelled in their role as a practicing manager/leader within their organization.

SEMS Outstanding Management Achievement in Industrial and Systems Engineering Award
Individuals contributing to the profession through innovative use of its methods.

Outstanding Early Career IE in Business/Industry
Honoring leadership, professionalism, and potential.

Research Awards

David F. Baker Distinguished Research Award
Recognizes significant contributions to the profession through outstanding research.

Graduate Research Award
Student members who have shown excellence in master’s-level research.

Pritsker Doctoral Dissertation Award
Outstanding graduate research in industrial engineering.

IIE Transactions Award
Recognizes the best paper published in each of the focused issues of IIE Transactions and the best applications paper published in any of the IIE Transactions.

Scholarships and Fellowships
Awards academic excellence and campus leadership by graduate and undergraduate students.

Service to Profession

Award for Technical Innovation in Industrial Engineering
Recognizes an innovative technical contribution to the industrial engineering profession.

Fred C. Crane Distinguished Service Award
Recognizes individual’s contributions to IIE.

Medallion Award
Impacting the profession through leadership or technical achievement.

Outstanding IIE Publication Award
Outstanding publication in any IIE-sponsored or co-sponsored medium.

Specialty Awards

Award for Excellence in Productivity Improvement
Organizations with significant achievements in productivity or quality.

Excellence Awards for Chapters
Outstanding performance by an IIE chapter.

Honorary Member Award
An individual of acknowledged eminence who is not an IIE member.

I5 Award
For an individual who implemented ways to improve their organizations with ideas learned from the previous year’s conference

IIE/Joint Publishers Book-of-the-Year Award
For an outstanding book that promotes industrial engineering education or profession.

Special Awards
Awards granted by the IIE Board of Trustees to recognize noteworthy achievement.

UPS Minority Advancement
Advancing women, minorities, or the disabled in the profession.

Student Awards & Competitions

James W. Barany Student Award for Excellence
Students distinguished through scholarly excellence and campus leadership.

Undergraduate Student Simulation Competition
Undergraduate students compete in a “real world” case study using Rockwell’s Arena software.

SHS Student Healthcare Simulation Competition
Students solve a “real world” healthcare case study using FlexSim’s simulation software.

Undergraduate Student Technical Paper Competition
Honors outstanding technical papers of undergraduate students.

NDSU Institute of Industrial Engineers Chapter

IIE is not just an engineering organization, but it is truly a close knit group where long term friendships have been made. Through our monthly meetings, trips, workshops, and social events we have gained a better and broader knowledge of industrial engineering and have become a closer group as well. Our group strives to get younger classmates involved in the IIE activities so they can see what their degree can turn into in the future. We meet with the younger classmates and prospective students as well to share our experience and what we have gained from our major and the IIE chapter.

IIE has been a great way to network with companies. Some of the activities that are very important to our group to broaden the knowledge of industrial engineering and network is having monthly meetings. At these meetings, we usually have different industries come in and speak about the work they do and how it is related to industrial engineering. We try to have industries related to healthcare, management, and manufacturing come in so everyone can see the different areas their major can apply to. At other meetings, we have our very own professors share the research they have done or currently are working on. We also gain knowledge of industrial engineering by going on our annual Twin Cities Fall trip. With this, we have toured a variety of companies in the Twin Cities area as a group. Another trip we go on is the annual IIE Spring Conference. We enjoy this very much because it is great to meet other chapters and see their campus. Not only do these trips help us network, but we offer classes such as Lean training workshops and Six Sigma Green Belt training. These workshops are such good tools for industrial engineering and our future careers.

IIE has not only been a great way to learn and network, but also a fun group to grow friendships. In the fall, we start off the year with a picnic outside of our IME building to socialize and celebrate the beginning of a new year. It is a fun time to grill and enjoy the last summer days in North Dakota. Some more social events we have done in the past was our 80’s themed event at Skateland and golf outing.

For these reasons, we try to get younger classmates involved so they can enjoy and learn more about industrial engineering right away in their college career.

UIC Institute of Industrial Engineers Chapter 895

Passing the torch seems to be a common theme in industry, as well as within our organizations.  A new school year has begun, and it is our duty to maintain the momentum and accomplishments from previous years; this is not always an easy task.  As all ISEs are taught to continuously improve the systems in which we are integrated, we must strive for excellence in passing the torch to future generations within our Chapters.

Over the past few years, IIE at UIC has been holding Lean and Six Sigma Green Belt Certifications through the Greater Institute of Industrial Engineers and in doing so has thus far proven to be fruitful.  Mechanical and Industrial Engineers from all levels of education at UIC have become Lean and Six Sigma certified through willingness to learn and improve themselves, as well as our due diligence as a chapter in continuing to facilitate and advertise the value of the courses.  If you have not hosted a Lean or Six Sigma Certification through IIE at your school, feel free to ask us how we make it happen!

Throughout the world, the need for Data Analytics is in heavy demand. Last year, we held four workshops revolving around Excel and R Programming.  This year we plan to double the amount of workshops and also include Python and SQL. In Chicago, the majority of ISE jobs tend to revolve around Data Analysis, Financial Engineering, and Operations Research; the necessity for programming skills and critical thinking is real!

Keep in touch with us at IIEUIC@gmail.com, on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/IIEUIC, and visit our website at http://uic.orgsync.com/org/iie/ .

How to have a fun and professional event – IIE @ MSOE

When our executive team at the Milwaukee School of Engineering starts planning for an event, we always have two goals. We want our events to be fun and provide value. IIE events can give students the best of both worlds. To make sure we have both parts of this, the MSOE team addresses two main issues: how to get people to the event and how to add value.  Although these two goals can sometimes clash, the best events come when both are obtained in harmony.

The first problem our team faces when planning an event is how to get people to show up! This can be as easy as offering free food or as difficult as getting a major company in the area to send a representative.  The easiest way to accomplish this is to set a goal: who do you want coming to the event and why do you want them to come? If the who and why don’t match, you can end up with some awkward situations. You may not want 50+ people showing up for a small gathering to explain graduate options, and it would be horrible if you only had 3 people to play a soccer game! Matching the incentive to the scope of your event is key to ensure you have the correct people at your event.


The other biggest issue when organizing an event is adding value to make an event worthwhile. By focusing on developing a scope and a goal early on in the process, you make it easier to define what success is and how to get there. I’m sure everyone has been to that meeting at work or at school where nobody really knew why they were there and nothing significant got accomplished. To avoid this, plan your event so that you and your members both know what the takeaway will be. When you are going on a plant tour, make sure the unique nature of the facilities is showed off. When you are hosting a networking dinner, make sure to tell members that this is an opportunity to get to know industry professionals. Even when you are just hosting a “Stress RelIIEver,” ensure that members know that you are there to have a good time. By making expectations known, everyone can work towards the same goal.


After our event, the MSOE executive team reflects on what went well and what didn’t work. The importance of feedback cannot be overstated; it is the underlying theme of continuous improvement. Through trial and error, we have learned that when you schedule your meetings is important, that professors can help convince even freshmen to come to meetings, and that free food is the best food!