Member Spotlight

Here you will learn little more about some of the members from the north central region. Please let us know if you have someone you’d like to highlight. Meet Vinay D’Souza from the Milwaukee professional chapter!

Vinay has served as the 2015 Vice President and past president of the IIE chapter in Milwaukee.

He is the Director of Operations Planning and Engineering at FedEx Ground. He has over 15 years management experience in the high growth transportation/logistics arena with emphasis in Operations Research, hub and network design, financial planning, technology, IT systems and process improvements.

Prior to moving to Milwaukee, Vinay was a Regional Engineering Manager for FedEx Home Delivery in Kansas City.  His work allowed him to travel across regions of the country where he enjoyed interacting and meeting people.

Vinay was born and raised through high school in Dubai, UAE when it was just a desert and not as developed like it is today! He moved to Mumbai, India to pursue his degree in Industrial Engineering. Later, he relocated to Wichita, Kansas where he earned his Masters in Industrial Engineering from Wichita State University with a focus in Operations Research.

When not at work or travelling, you can find him enjoying time with his wife (who is also and IE!) and young kids. In his free time, he loves to run and travel.

Vinay is passionate about giving back to his engineering community. He serves as an Industry Advisory Board member at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering department. In addition, his team sponsors the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Senior design class for the Industrial Engineering department.


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