Milwaukee Chapter: 2015 Q4 December Newsletter

Twin Cities Chapter: December 2015 IIE Newsletter

Chicago Chapter: IIE Chicago November 2015

Milwaukee Chapter: 2015 Q3 September Newsletter

Milwaukee Chapter: 2015 Q2 June Newsletter

Twin Cities Chapter: April 2015 IIE Newsletter

Milwaukee Chapter: 2015 Q1 March Newsletter

Twin Cities Chapter: February 2015 IIE Newsletter

Milwaukee Chapter: 2014 Q4 IIE December Newsletter Milwaukee

Twin Cities Chapter: December 2014 IIE Twin Cities Newsletter

Milwaukee Chapter: 2014 Q3 September Newsletter

Forbes: 10 Ways Companies Drive Away Talent

Enterprise Minnesota: Lean is Healthy

HealthEast’s innovative new CEO and her new Lean Sensei are preparing to use lean to flourish amid the demands of a competitive health care market and the regulatory uncertainties of ObamaCare.

Informs: Student Analytical Scholar Competition

NFORMS and SAS in 2014 are once again happy to offer a scholarship program for the INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics and Operations Research.

Thomasnet: Is Industrial Engineering Suffering From a Talent Gap?

If the U.S. is to undergo the hoped-for manufacturing resurgence in the coming years, the sector will need industrial engineers (IEs), the professionals trained to design and optimize factories. Many believe that education in the field is lacking and too few students show an interest in the career. 

Harvard Business Review: What Makes a Leader?


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